Review: "New Jersey and You- Perfect Together!" at Village West Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

What does it mean to be "New Jersey"? This was the question posed to artists and diversely answered in this latest exhibition at Village West Gallery. It can reflect the food, the shore, the political corruption and the incredibly varied landscape which shifts quickly from urban to suburban. This engaging exhibition not only offers personal perspectives but also works effectively as a whole. Gallery owner/director Robinson Holloway deftly curates the exhibition but also lays out a story about place. For the record, this gallery since its inception, has been impeccable in its curating and how an exhibition flows. Once again, the work is organized in such a way that not only do you witness views of New Jersey; but also gain a well-rounded experience which many themed shows lack- thinking the theme alone will suffice. I spoke briefly to Robinson about her thought process on how she arranged the work. Her attention to the nuances/subjects of the work really gives us a balanced and considered presentation that takes us on a journey through the gallery space. The work runs the gamut between landscape, portraits, photography and even a carousel.

The exhibition will run until November 12th and be open for the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour (JCAST) October 14- 15th, 12-6pm. I will definitely be going back for another look.

I really loved this piece by Eric Andrews. It so reminded me of Hopper's Early Sunday Morning for obvious reasons. This piece not only takes on a quiet beauty but elevates an abandoned building. When viewed in person, you can see the juicy lip of the blue molding lusciously catching the light. The tonality of this painting sets the mood and punctuates the emptiness.

Jennifer Krause Chapeau's expansive sky gives the small state of New Jersey a majestic presence tinged with austere industry. Here, she captures a sweeping view of the mixed landscape pitting grit on the land with billowy airiness.

Participating artists: Eric Andrews, Amy Becker, J Krause Chapeau, Tim Daly, Todd Darling, Peter Delman, Michael Endy, Barbara Friedman, Donna Greenberg, Allan Gorman, Alexander Katsenelinboigen, Chris Manis, Charlann Meluso, Jeffrey Morabito, Howard Nathenson, Franc Palaia, Shannon Roberts, Rocco Scary, Linda Streicher, Pamela Talese, Mollie Thonneson, Gian Berto Vanni and Beppy Young.

The show runs from September 7-November 12, 2017.

Village West Gallery 331 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07302 201-656-3408

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